Don't Die Wondering Mix: "I Die Wondering"

London's Don't Die Wondering just got some new, flame-centric digital skin. To celebrate, this hub for bizarre, hybrid electronica of all wave shapes has put together a SoundCloud mix of some MP3 highlights from its 2 years of existence, and a short reflection on what it means to live in a "Tumblereality." Tracklisting after the jump. --Emilie Friedlander, Altered Zones

"In Tumblreality, the only thing that is real is the tumble. Posts tumble like real troopers in a sequential line in a blue boxed exodus out of sight into the comfort zone of other pages. Songs I’ve loved on pages 5, 19 and 33, in the next few days will tumble to pages 7, 21 and 35, respectively. Rediscovering a post page 97, the bandwidth of which is now long expired, can bring an unexpected tear to the eye, like finding a dusty old yearbook in the attic. The point here is not to get all teary eyed but rather to coin the term Tumblereality, as well as to say that DDW is now on SoundCloud. Here’s a mix to inaugurate it, of some favorite songs and artists I’ve had the privilege of sharing here over the last year or so. Thanks to all the artists included. And thanks to Linda Jarvis for the new blog design."

IDW MIX by Don't Die Wondering

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Most of the much-blogged-about, Atlanta-based Peace Age crew (C Powers, CH-Rom, GeistheRobust and Twins et al) have been crunching wonky electro and hip-hop into bong-centric, compressed, and scruffy beats since their teen days. Hence this most claustrophobic number from Time Wharp, aka Patrick Loggins, which sees the NES malfunctions of his previous Helvetica EP lock into a robotic groove and nerdy/bedroom sort of singularity. (Rose Quartz co-premiere)

MP3: Time Wharp: "mandelbrotset"

Wonder Beard Tapes has an as-yet untitled Time Wharp tape slated for February release

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Posted by rosequartz on 01/04/2011 at noon.

Time Wharp: "1992"

Time Wharp's "1992" revolves around a sample from the score of early Nintendo game Mario Paint, transforming the 8-bit chirps into a breathy star-gazer of immediate beauty. The disjointed melody swirls in virtuoso arpeggiator patterns, sounding like a downpour of robot virgin tears against a backdrop of panting, emanating from either pleasure or distress. The track was dropped as the first taster of Time Wharp's new EP, a few spins of which this week have been enough for me to recommend it with confidence. Helvetica is filled with dense production, clever ideas (one of the tracks makes interesting use of a mobile phone interference sound), and jarring moods. You can download it off bandcamp or order the CDR from there for the recession-buster price of $2, which comes with custom, hand-painted artwork by Time Wharp. (via Don't Die Wondering)

MP3: Time Wharp: "1992"

Helvetica is available digitally or on CDR via bandcamp

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Posted by dontdiewondering on 09/14/2010 at 5 p.m..

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