Christelle Gualdi, aka Stellar OM Source, had us at hello last year with Olde English Spelling Bee's Trilogy Select, a complilation of her excellent self-released CD-Rs-- Crusader, from '08 and '09. We just learned via No Fear of Pop that Big Love-- a Tokyo-based label and record shop that has imported goodies from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Nite Jewel, and Salem-- will be releasing Gualdi's next 7". Completely entranced by the thick, bubbly pads that inhabit this "Energy," a top notch dancescape from the upcoming 7". --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

Stellar OM Source: "Energy"

Keep your eyes on Big Love as more details are revealed about Stellar OM Source's 7"


MP3: Stellar OM Source: "Island Best"

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Stellar OM Source Makes Mix for Self-Titled

In the spirit of Harald Grosskopf's Synthesist, Christelle Gualdi, aka Stellar OM Source, assembled a mix that captures a time of transition in electronic music, taking us on a tour of prog, New Age, and pop from all over Europe. The mix features Jan Hammer, Peter Schäfer, and Synergy, sounds that have acted as a sort of schematic for Gatekeeper, James Ferraro, and Oneohtrix Point Never. Need proof? Listen to Blondes' remix of Grosskopf's title track, Synthesis:

MP3: Harald Grosskopf: "Synthesist (Blondes Remix)"

Cruise on over to Self-Titled to listen to Stellar OM Source's mix, grab RVNG's reissue of Harald Grosskopf's Synthesist packaged with remixes by Blondes, CFCF, Keyhole Voyeur (James Ferraro), and Oneohtrix

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As 2010 draws to an close, Altered Zones brings you its collective year-end re-cap of its favorite albums, songs, and music videos. Stay tuned for our top tracks on Monday, top albums on Tuesday, and daily mix-tapes from a handful of surprise guests.

El Guincho: "Bombay"

Marc Gomez del Moral's video for El Guincho's "Bombay" is a self-sourced film collage, stitching together dozens of weird happenings into a deftly edited stream. There doesn't seem to be any method behind the director's choice of images, though they all seem to fall into one of two categories, or both: "sexy" and "uncomfortable". There's the nude women, the licking, the toe-sucking, the statue-seducing, the woman cutting off her underwear with scissors. And then there's the woman smashing eggs on her face, smoking a cigarette with laundry piled on one shoulder, the urgency lurking behind everything we see. With its hazy, archival-footage-projected-in-a-classroom feel, this schizophrenic sexploitation throwback makes for a stellar accompaniment to a fantastic song. --Ian Nelson

Gil Scott-Heron: "New York Is Killing Me"

Successful collaborations in any endeavor are a rare thing, let alone in music videos. And it's even more special when a director truly immerses himself in a piece of music, internalizes it, and returns with a new work of art that functions as a sincere companion piece to its source. English video artist Chris Cunningham, known for his work with Aphex Twin and Björk, puts a disturbing spin on the 61-year old proto-rap prophet Gil Scott-Heron's "New York Is Killing Me", transforming the original from a bizarro electro-schoolyard clap-jam to a hauntingly poignant portrait of urban decay. --Ric Leichtung

Outer Limits Recordings: "$20 Bill"

Over the past few years, music videos have enjoyed a resurgence in the underground thanks to YouTube et al. DIY filmmakers can produce and share clips that are technically accomplished and aesthetically "nice" (that’s a technical term!), but their efforts seem to have lagged behind mainstream music videos in humour. That’s one of the many endearing things about this clip from Outer Limits Recordings; its charmingly goofy story arc takes us through moments of legitimate slapstick hilarity, with a few “celebrity” cameos thrown in the mix (keep an eye out for James Ferraro!). On top of that, it’s one of the year’s finest h-pop bangers. What else do you need? --Shea Bermingham

Stellar Om Source: "Island Best"

When visual artist Christian Megazord Oldham takes to Final Cut Pro, he unravels years of commercial abuse, dental ads, fragrances, and other idiosyncratic graphics and images in a concentrated mess of visual revelry. His work on Stellar Om Source's "Island's Best" does just this, while also channeling Christelle Gualdi's Argento-influenced aesthetic. The first time I saw this video, I wondered how he could have possibly concocted so many magnetic graphics. Then I realized that Megazord is the ultimate child of the digital era. Like the web, he sees all, absorbs all, and spits it out in whatever manner seems most fitting. --Michael McGregor

Sun Araw: "Deep Cover"

Summing up Sun Araw’s midnight dub séance “Deep Cover” is no easy task, but who could be more ripe for the challenge than Cameron Stallones himself?  Shot by Brian Davila, Cameron's highly Lynchian interpretation of Track Five from psycho stakeout soundtrack On Patrol comes as close as anyone could hope. A 4 AM dance when you think no one is watching, a desperate intruder in the shadows, the skeletal remains of a party-- and, at the helm, Cameron Stallones, driving the farfisa like a bus through your consciousness. --Andy French

Following last Spring's "Island Best" video, Holland's Stellar Om Source returns with another gentle flirtation with the cosmos, glimpsed through a pastel gauze of faded pop-cultural references -- musical and visual, sci-fi and quotidian, remembered and remembered only in feel. Zapping between Omni mag animation and the second-hand memory of devouring a pot of chocolate pudding on your childhood porch, Italian DVD-R and VHS label AAVV handles archival imagery in the way that Christelle Gualdi handles her palette of vintage sounds: with a patience and sensitivity that can only stem from deep affection. "Magnetic Depths" and "Rites of Fusion" (featuring a guest appearance by Oneohtrix Point Never) are two tracks from Christelle's much-anticipated Trilogy Select LP, which should be climbing out of the Olde English Spelling Bee dungeons and into stores later this week. (Friendship Bracelet co-premiere)

Trilogy Select LP is available via OESB. Christelle recently published a series of visual pieces in issue 4 of Seattle's I Want You Magazine, the print version of which arrives with a free Stellar Om Source 7". She is also doing a few dates in Europe this week and next. Check them below.

10/26th Cambridge - The Portland w/ Heatsick, Hungry Soul
10/27 London - Cafe Oto w/ Heatsick, Hungry Soul
10/28 London - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen w/ Teengirl Fantasy, Twin Shadow, Kitten
10/30 Nijmegen - Extrapool
11/6 Amsterdam - Subacultcha

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Interview: Stellar OM Source

"The artwork of my releases is part of my artistic visions. I've got a direction for my own music and art, which draws references to cybernetics/computers and spirituality. This is the visual translation of my own life, being an architect, and technologies, computers as part of my being. I also feel and want to express the connections with higher realms and I'm fascinated by the power of our minds. I try to express what attracts me, be it alien intelligence, emotional computers, glamour."  [Stellar OM Source interview; Foxy Digitalis; March 24, 2010]

MP3: Stellar Om Source: "Island Best"

Trilogy Select is out now on Olde English Spelling Bee

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