Shinji Masuko: "Woven Music For Silver Ocean"

DMBQ founder and Boredoms guitarist Shinji Masuko-- also a music and comics critic and the man behind the latter group's legendary seven-neck guitar, "The Sevena"-- drops his first solo record today on the Oneida-curated Brah Records. While rehearsing for a series of Boredoms concerts, in 2009, the story goes, Shinji played Oneida drummer/vocalist Kid Millions a few backing tracks he had created for a piece called "Boardrum." Millions, aka John Colpitts, liked his multi-tracked monoliths of guitar squall so much that he encouraged the Osaka native to sculpt them into pieces of music in their own right. Shinji did, and the result is Woven Music, a two-track mini LP featuring primarily acoustic instrumentation on the one side, and an army of electric guitars on the flip. Listen to the fiery sound tendrils on b-side "Woven Music For Silver Ocean," and marvel as they crash and twine and fight and collapse into a wall of pure vibration. There is no other word but "ecstastic." -- Emilie Friedlander, Visitation Rites

Shinji Masuko: "Woven Music For Silver Ocean"

Woven Music mini-album is out today in 12" and digital formats via Brah Records. Below, a special message from Shinji himself on his Japan relief initiatve:

Hi everyone, Its Shinji from DMBQ/Boredoms here. I am writing to my friends who is living in US and other countries. As you know, Japan's most powerful earthquake since records began has struck the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami. So many our friends, friend's of friend, friend's family, musicians, people who work in music venue, etc... a lot of people who we know were struck. The food scarcity has already started because the factory cannot operate. Please help them. We want to send relief and condolence donation directly to people and north-east Japan's music scene in future.

Please send donation, or organize benefit show in your town by yourself for them. Please Cc-ing this email to your artist friends too. Please send donations via paypal:

Shinji Masuko DMBQ/Boredoms

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Posted by visitationrites on 04/26/2011 at 9 a.m..

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