That phosphorescent groove bubbling below "Multiply" comes from Sun Araw's Cameron Stallones and Los Angeles bretheren M. Geddes Gengras, collectively known as deep-roots dancehall curators Duppy Gun Productions. The pair traversed Jamaica during their tropical collaboration with The Congos, and found time to record with a number of local singers and artists. "Multiply" comes from Dayone, a singer and fisherman from the Forum village outside Portmore, Jamaica. Video credits come from Astral Project's Lily X. Wahrman and Tony Lowe, who manage deep psychedelia through mundanity rather than the imaginary sublime, and seem bent here on disorienting viewers and playing with their technology-conditioned expectations: FULL SCREEN IS A MUST. --Dale W. Eisinger, Altered Zones

"Multiply" is B/W on a 12" with "Earth," by Early One. It'll be available November 29, here

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Posted by alteredzones on 11/29/2011 at noon.

The Deeep: “Dream (DJ MGG Sunrise Cassette Mix)"

The Deeep's Life Light tape has been one of my favorite things on the spools this past year. The Toronto trio's rich atmospherics, deep bass hits, and diaphanous female vocals make for a seductive, “post-trip-hop” sound. Los Angeles analog synth-master DJ MGG (M. Geddes Gengras of Personable, Robedoor, Warm Climate, WHERE'S YR CHILD, and Duppy Gun Productions) just made this remix of “Dream." His glitchy bleeps and slightly off-kilter rhythms make this the perfect soundtrack for a post-club Ibizan morning when you are trying to mellow out and stop grinding your damn teeth. The thirteen-minute track takes you through moments of up-tempo revelry, but lands back on the dark, insistent pulsation that started things off. The ghost certainly has a place in this machine, although she might be wearing parachute pants. --Samantha Cornwell, Altered Zones

MP3: The Deeep: "The Dream (DJ MGG Sunrise Cassette Mix)"

Life Light cassettee is still available via Not Not Fun

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Posted by alteredzones on 05/11/2011 at 2 p.m..

Join Visitation Rites' Los Angeles team this Saturday for a night of musical healing in a Chinatown home. Come early to potluck, and stay late to dance.  Additional sounds will be provided by DJ StareOfTreat (Matt Kruglinski) and special guests. (via Visitation Rites)

MP3: M. Geddes Gengras: "Light Up"

MP3: matthewdavid: "Fernwood Flask"

MP3: Universe: "I"

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