We’re halfway through the year 2011 and December 21, 2012 is only 502 days away. No matter where we lie on the range of eschatological beliefs associated with the 2012 Phenomenon, it's hard not to wonder about it as the day draws nearer. While some predict apocalypse, a New Age interpretation is that the 2012 winter solstice will be harbinger to a cosmically enlightened spiritual metamorphosis in which mankind will transcend both time and space.

Minneapolis kosmische-inspired trio Food Pyramid use synthesizers and live bioinstrumentation to "contact the Cosmic Beloved as Manifest in Light & Sound." "ATM," a track they contributed to Mood Glyph's 2011 Sampler of new and unreleased tracks, further prompts association with the New Age forecast. Elements of time and space are essential here, as prismatic, oscillating synth beats punctuated with delay effects act as points of departure for what feels like a ride down a road of dark clouds into unknown galaxies-- and perhaps toward some "enlightened" entity. The void left behind by once-steady drum beat and the slowing of the synthesizer's tempo toward the end allow for a kind of projection on the listener’s part. As "futuristic" sounds no longer seem to be coming from so far off into the future, we're given the opportunity to inject our own nostalgia for dwellings past. --Mary Katherine Youngblood, Visitation Rites

Food Pyramid: "ATM"

Download the Moon Glyph 2011 Sampler here. Food Pyramid/Deep Earth split 7" and Food Pyramid full-length LP coming soon from Moon Glyph

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Posted by visitationrites on 07/28/2011 at 1 p.m..

Food Pyramid: "Last Shuttle to the Red Planet"

Yesterday, Moon Glyph hit us with the finale in their tape trilogy with Food Pyramid. III sees the trio venturing out, inviting friends into the mix, and churning out a magnificently kraut-inspired ambiance. The first and second tapes aimed to showcase the group's tremendous knack for long, avant-garde electronics, but III sees a new sense of control in their exploratory jawns. The entrancing swells of synth inside each track build more rapidly. The bursts of free-form saxophone come forth more confidently. If nothing else, III leaves me excited for the Food Pyramid's future. --Jheri Evans, Get Off The Coast

MP3: Food Pyramid: "Last Shuttle to the Red Planet"

III is available in cassette format over at Moon Glyph

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Food Pyramid: "Southside Blacktop Beat"

Food Pyramid deliver MN-local "krautrock" to the world via Minneapolis label Moon Glyph. The project delves into an electronic experimentation in repetition, gazing back in time to their German forefathers with saxophone in hand. Their debut cassette I makes for an appropriately cosmic introduction, melding the blips and squelches of outer space with terrestrial rhythms found right on your doorstep or, perhaps more appropriately, slightly past the stoop and into the street below.

In "Southside Blacktop Beat" these rhythms immediately come off Latin, much like the sweltering dance music blaring out from open car windows in my Spanish neighborhood. Album closer "Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset" is more intent on taking its time, hip-shaking grooves creeping in and out of synthesizer mist and, yes, more saxophone. Someone please hook us up with a Food Pyramid moombahton edit. (via Friendship Bracelet)

MP3: Food Pyramid: "Southside Blacktop Beat"

I is out now on Moon Glyph

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Posted by friendshipbracelet on 10/14/2010 at 9 a.m..

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