Excepter Releases Rarities Comp

Excepter recently released a digital comp of rarities from 2005-2006 on their own label, Excepter RecordsOP is a reflection of the group's work as a four-piece, and features cuts culled from the Getting Rid Of The Glue compilation LP (Pendu), the 12" split with Panda Bear Carrots/KKKKK (Paw Tracks), the CD companion to the Fall '06 issue of Esopus magazine, and their unreleased 22-minute interpretation of Oneida's "Sheets of Easter."

Taken from KKKKK, standout "ORLY?" features a fluctuating, doomy synth that evokes the most tormented images of '70s horror; scenes of dismemberment, imminent death, and horrific discovery come to mind as the jaunting trip ascends into a surreal landscape of bass and indiscernible speech. --Mark Craig, Altered Zones

MP3: Excepter: "ORLY?"

OP is available for stream and purchase on Excepter's Bandcamp

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Excepter, Aaron Dilloway, Wzt Hearts Contribute to Silent Barn Benefit Comp

In light of the recent burglary and closing of Queens-based DIY venue the Silent Barn, Obsolete Units-- a label that actually put out SB resident and Woods member G. Lucas Crane's (aka Nonhorse) Noxon cassette-- assembled a 43-track compilation to support the collective's effort to find a new permanent space. The Noise from Ridgewood features mostly artists who've played at the Barn in the past like Excepter, Wolf Eyes alum Aaron Dilloway, C. Spencer Yeh, MV Carbon, and the now-defunct Wzt Hearts. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

The Noise from Ridgewood is available now for digital download, and will see a very limited double CD-R release October 1st courtesy of Obsolete Units

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Excepter Reissue Early Rare Recordings

At midnight last night, while the moon shone down upon empty streets and innocent children slept soundly in their beds, Excepter released upon the world a collection of rarities from the years 2002-2004 for digital-only download on their Bandcamp. Led by the ever-enigmatic John Fell Ryan (SETHNo Neck Blues Band), Excepter have been pillars of the New York experimental and noise scene since their formation in 2002. Using an artillary of vintage synths, drum machines and effects pedals for their recordings and explosive live shows, Excepter at once mine the primitive impulses of a human wrenched from history, while also sounding like some reductio ad absurdum of all its debris.

OD includes early compilation tracks, their first podcast called STREAM 01, and a couple of previously unreleased Excepter numbers. Included on this collection is the stand-out track "Are U War 2?," which was previously available on the 2003 compilation, Kult 48: The Dark Mix. Initial programming and recordings of the track took place as JFR and bandmate Macrae Semans watched the television broadcasts announce the beginning of the Iraq War. Ephereal and haunting cries devolve into howls, and then into meek pleas to "don't send me over" while synths bubble and stutter like menacing spirits within you. The result is an amazing rendering of the immensity of war, in all its horrible mechanics.

Also available for download and streaming from the site is the digital release of Excepter's debut LP, KA which features fan favorite "Shattered Skull," and two extra tracks not seen on the release, "Vacation" and "AG." Equinox-- live material from 2009 that was previously released on limited run cassette-- is also packaged with KA. Skip over to their Bandcamp and grab it all. --Daniel Gottlieb, Altered Zones

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R.I.P. Excepter's Clare Amory

Altered Zones is deeply saddened to announce that Excepter's Clare Amory passed away yesterday at the age of 35, following a long and brave fight with Stage IV cancer. Our thoughts go out to her relatives, her life partner and bandmate Nathan Corbin, and the extended Excepter Family. Bandmember Jon Nicholson posted the following statement today on his website for solo project SSPS:

"Yesterday, the Space Shuttle Discovery departed Earth on it's final mission. Among the cargo aboard, was one astronaut who's name was not publicly announced. My beautiful friend, and band mate Clare Armory has left our Planet Earth. Her soul has been set free to bless this mad universe that we all live in. I know how difficult that it is to lose a loved one to cancer. I lost my mother nine years ago to the same ravaging disease. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with in my life. My mother was 57 when she lost her 29 year battle with cancer. Clare was 35. Any age is too young to be taken from us. It hurts so much."

Read the rest of the announcement here. In memory of Clare, Phil Freeman of The Wire posted an interview on his blog.

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Stoked to discover this bizarre, weather-themed Excepter video by Brooklyn artist and twitter personality Jon Williams on AMDISCS-affiliated blog All, Everyone, United this morning. If you didn't catch wind of this YouTube until now, it's probably because it dropped from the sky right around the time the ball did in NYC this past New Year's-- not the most opportune release date imaginable, but certainly in keeping with the band's mysterious affinity for RED LETTER DAYS. "Anti-Noah", presented here in abridged form, is a song from last year's Presidence album on Paw Tracks. According to the label, this July 2007 recording was inspired by the closing of Doug Hollis' A Sound Garden installation by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the wake of 9/11: "Why would terrorists target meteorologists or an obscure sound sculpture park? Excepter wonder."

Presidence is available via Pawtracks. Also check out Excepter's Late EP on Woodsist, and their Maze of Death cassette on Dog Daze Tapes

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"When You Call", off Excepter's Presidence LP from February, is a dubbed-out, subwoofer-friendly master mix of a number of live performances of that same song, arranged by bandmember Nathan Corbin, aka Zebrablood. This new video, also by Corbin, sets its snail-slow bass jaunt and molasses-stuck note-bends to images of the bandmates themselves-- no longer walking in the sand, as we saw in last year's Black Beach DVD, but stalking the treeless avenues and empty hipster bars of industrial Bushwick. Chiaroscuro flashes of smartly dressed humanity relieve us with the impression that we're not the only people alive in this post-apocalyptic terrain-- the chilling part is trying to figure out whether there's anybody home behind these shallow grimaces, dark sunglasses, and perfectly timed needle drops. (via Visitation Rites)

Presidence LP is available via Paw Tracks, and the band's new Late EP is out now on Woodsist. A new cassette release, Maze of Death, is slated for Black Friday (November 26) via Dog Daze Tapes

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Artist Profile: Excepter's John Fell Ryan

By Emilie Friedlander

Last September, the six members of Brooklyn experimental electronic unit Excepter were running late on an 8-hour drive from New York to Oberlin, OH. They were scheduled to headline a show at Oberlin College with the popular indie rock band Woods that night, and were fairly confident that they would make it there before 11. When an impatient booking agent called to inform them that the entire show actually had to be over at that time, as the college was hosting a pizza party in the concert space, frontman John Fell Ryan still wasn’t fazed. “We didn’t take it seriously, but they took it so seriously. We were done playing, and they pretty much just loaded our equipment into the parking lot. And they’re like, ‘Here’s your check. See ya.’”

When he returned to the building, John Fell Ryan was frustrated to discover only two or three students at the function that had forced them to cut short their set-- generally at least an hour in length, though Excepter have been known to play anywhere from six to seventeen over their seven years of existence. Like Woods, they had only a half-hour slot; but instead of a string of five-minute songs, their set took the form of one, long improvisation. Unlike Woods, the band received hate mail for playing too long.

Pizza party or no, Excepter always seem to be running up against the same complaints. But for the band and their fans, the half-hour mark is often where things start getting interesting.

The first track on their forthcoming Late EP on Woodsist, a Brooklyn-based label founded by Woods singer Jeremy Earl, is adapted from a recording of the first few minutes of their set that night, cut off when band member Jon "Porkchop" Nicholson’s mini-disc recorder ran out of batteries. Back in his home-studio, JFR took the fragment, reversed it, played it forwards and backwards simultaneously, and combined it with another relic of life on the road: a field recording of highway sounds from the band’s hotel room in Vacaville, CA, played back (and recorded over again) in another hotel room near the Chicago O’Hare International airport, then recorded once more inside the car during the drive home from Indiana. Given “OBOH”’s backstory, its plodding, polyrhythmic swagger, the title of the band’s new four-song release is almost comically on-point. Whatever the band’s destination-- geographical or artistic-- Excepter’s music is mostly about what happens on the way.

Continue Reading

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