Stream Co La's Daydream Repeater

Since its debut earlier this year, Matthew Papich's Co La project has always exuded the exotic and the luxurious. Papich indirectly admits this, but his forays into the "New Anything" sound are all the evidence we need: fresh as a new suit, warm from soaking up the sun on some tropical yacht party, but always embodying a professional composure. A classy take on the sometimes bombastic game of electronic music where subtle re-inventions of the source material are allowed to roam freely, teasing us like the almost-nudes of each release's cover art.

With Daydream Repeater, the first vinyl full-length for NNA Tapes and for Co La, Papich extends this aesthetic to new peaks and makes more obvious the intriguing duality of his music. Because, even with all this talk of gentlemanly pursuits of epic proportions, Co La jams are raw as hell. While the ingredients are slick, the arrangement of them is usually hard-hitting in its simplicity. Bmore club's propulsion and pure energy are kept alive-- but in place of shouts, gun shots, and overt sexual gestures are the sweeping elegance of a cleanly cut Ronettes loop and classically Co La high-pitched vocal interjections. Even in territory where the dancefloor is a little less pronounced, like the off-kilter disco/dub stutter of "My Jamaican," there's a confidence in the material that empowers these recycled bits of culture to stand on their own. It's been Papich's game for awhile now, but after a hyped year of perfecting his craft, Repeater comes at the right time for him to make a definitive avant-luxury statement --Matt Sullivan, Altered Zones

Daydream Repeater
is available now on NNA Tapes

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Co La: "Vanity Plate"

Matt Papich served up a new Co La cut from his latest, Daydream Repeater, which dropped just yesterday on Vermont's NNA Tapes label. Sink your teeth into this sputtering song, "Vanity Plate," and keep your eyes for the full album stream next week. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

Co La: Vanity Plate

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Stream Co La's Fugitive of Leisure

Friends Records is releasing the final installment of Co La's excellent Fugitive Of Leisure singles series this week, and though you may've already peeped the sweltering (and weirdly sexy) video for "Blood Orange Crush," or the lilting-weed shuffles of "Blanketing Marrakesh," it seems there's a certain wonky poesy to these warm weather tributes that is particularly realized when streaming a few at once. These rhythmic works seem to be gaining momentum with each release; must be because the luxury-obsessed Matthew Papich leaks only the most lucid of popsicle memories inbetween the beats. --Richard MacFarlane, Rose Quartz

Co La: Fugitive of Leisure

Fugitive of Leisure is available now from Baltimore's Friends Records

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Co La: "Blanketing Marakeesh (CoCo Version)"

Out from a jungle of raining woodblocks, mutated R&B love pleas, and echo-laden staccato guitar strums comes a new track from the forthcoming Fugitive of Leisure tape by recently profiled Baltimore sound-smith, Co La. Just as we familiarize ourselves with the surrounding sounds, a two-step kick-and-snare combo locks us into a hypnotic groove. We hear the sound of a space age keyboard warping, as though a finger were pressed on to the tape reel. It's as sonically suave and sexy as we've come to expect from Mr. Papich, who describes the track as "a laid back revision of your Parents' idea of a love song, new feelings for new contradictions." --Matt Sullivan, Altered Zones

Co La: "Blanketing Marakeesh (CoCo Version)"

Fugitive of Leisure
is due to release this fall on Friends Records.


MP3: Co La: "Long Shot"

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Artist Profile: Co La

By Jheri Evans

MP3: Co La: "Belgian Pillow (Dynasty Version)"

MP3: Co La : "Hit Me (Cat Call Version)"

Just a few months ago I was introduced to the music of Co La, the solo project of Ecstatic Sunshine's Matthew Papich, via a tape called Dial Tone Earth. I was nothing short of blown away. Something about the opening track, "Armen’s Theme (Melting Butter Version)," gave me the feeling of waking up after long night of rest. It begins with a loop of what sounds like chiming bells. Sweeping string samples and tropical hits add additional bursts of adrenaline, and we end up with what sounds like a sacrifice to the volcano gods. I've taken to describing Co La's music as sample-based drone. Minimal tracks built on repetitive samples construct and deconstruct themselves over and over again; each track fits neatly inside a mood or moment, ranging anywhere from a placid stroll to cruising down a lit-up boardwalk in a cherry-red cadillac. I later found the earlier tape Rest In Paradise, which he released on Watercolor Records. It featured a few tracks I hadn't heard, in addition to different versions of pieces from Dial Tone Earth. I was amazed at my inability to pick a favorite version of any track, and decided that each one made sense inside of a certain headspace. I recently got to chat a bit with Co La about where the music comes from, his live performance, the Baltimore music scene, and more.

AZ: I've gotten the chance to dig into some of your other releases since hearing Dial Tone Earth, and I notice you often do multiple versions of a single track. What's your motivation for returning to songs and working on them more?

Co La: Well, my process overall is loopy. The songs are kind of patterns of small circles, on a micro-level. But I work through material by listening to a lot of music, appropriating some of it, deconstructing it, and then recomposing it into a new listening experience. So in that process I go back to tunes over and over. It's me trying to get things sounding as hyper-real as possible, all the time. Always working towards a kind of new anything sound-- something that's really tuned in, and slightly tweaked. Early Future, you know what I mean?

Continue Reading

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Co La: "Blood Orange Crush (Dynasty Version)"

Just off the tail of his recent cassette realease, Dial Tone Earth, with Friends Records, Co La has now announced a summer singles series with the Baltimore label. The series, titled Fugitive of Leisure, will feature four digital singles released monthly. Essentially, we're getting a full album's worth of free music by Summer's end, and that's pretty rad. The first single manages to maintain a slow pace while still feeling full of the usual energy I've come to expect from Co La's music. While every sound begs to be noticed, the minimalism of "Blood Orange Crush" is nothing short of breathtaking. --Jheri Evans, Get Off The Coast

Co La: "Blood Orange Crush (Dynasty Version)"

Keep it tuned weekly to Friends Records for more Fugitive of Leisure

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Posted by getoffthecoast on 06/14/2011 at 9 a.m..

Co La: Hit Me (Cat Call Version)"

We've had Matt Papich of Ecstatic Sunshine's solo project, Co La, on repeat ever since fellow Baltimorean Ken Seeno (of Ponytail) guest posted some demos. This new song from Friends RecordsDial Tone Earth, "Hit Me (Cat Call Version)," is so fresh that it even got dad vibing to its stacked loops of pitch-shifted one-shots. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones via Pitchfork

MP3: Co La: "Hit Me (Cat Call Version)"

Stream Dial Tone Earth below, buy it from Baltimore's Friends Records

Co La: Dial Tone Earth

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Co La: "Long Shot"

Ecstatic Sunshine's Matthew Papich sent over a bunch of stuff he's been working on under the Co La title, reminding me both of the CMJ show we helped put on back in October (LOL at this photo), and the new dub advancements. Papich discreetly collages sounds into serene rhythmic zones somewhere between Eric Copeland, Panda Bear, and maybe Monster Rally. The wonked tropical images of giddy and cheaply luxurious holidays these jams evoke aren't too far from the actual memories that Ken Seeno talks about on AZ; there's definitely a recycled glass bottle coke vibe for sure. --Richard MacFarlane, Rose Quartz

MP3: Co La: "Long Shot"

Dialtone Earth is coming your way on Friends Records soon

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Posted by rosequartz on 04/08/2011 at 9 a.m..

Guest Post: Ken Seeno

Ken Seeno of Ponytail says:
Co La is a new project by my close friend, Matt Papich, and it couldn't be more perfectly timed in my life. This is the music that I want to wake up to every morning while a Rube Goldberg Contraption pours fresh coffee and makes hot waffles. For me, Co La embodies the memory of coasting through a dry Mexican town with the windows open, shirt sleeves rolled up, drinking a Coke out of a glass bottle, and soaking in the vivid hues of color. Co La is the passport from Spring to Summer. Crisp, Heady, Co La.

MP3: Co La: "Superior Tears (Dutch Donuts Version)"

MP3: Co La: "Riot In"

Hear more on SoundCloud

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