Country legend Charlie Louvin passed away last night in Nashville after a long fight with pancreatic cancer at 83 years old. Inducted into the Country Hall of Fame, The Louvin Brothers, his musical partnership with his brother Ira, was a '50s household name. The group was responsible for 1960's Satan Is Real, "the Rosetta stone of fire and brimstone country gospel". In a rare interview, Aquarium Drunkard asked the star how he'd like to be remembered:

"I hope that my legacy will be as a believable person. I’m a strong believer that you are not a better person than your word. If people can’t believe what you say, then you’re not much of a person. And so I’ve always strived to do that. If I tell you I’ll do something, you don’t need a contract. In today’s world, people want to go strictly on a contract. My brother and I worked for 25 years together and most of the time there was no contract. You wrote the information down, where you were supposed to be, and you were there. Most of the time we got paid. There were a few people who gave you that bad check, but that wasn’t a problem really in our career. We worked for pretty honest people. The world’s changed a lot now. You probably do need a contract, otherwise you’re walking on thin ice."

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Posted by alteredzones on 01/26/2011 at 2:30 p.m..

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