In the five-plus years that Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk have been blasting out their abrasivelly fuzzy jams, they've yet to realease a proper vinyl LP. Fortunately for us, Woodsman's Trevor Peterson is dropping the band's first vinyl full-length, Skeletor and Me, on his own Fire Talk Records. Peterson also made the video for the cut "Last Night Sucked", using manipulated Sega Genesis graphics and video static with footage from a '90s TV show in Germany that did a fairly good job of predicting how crucial computers would become to our way of life. According to Peterson "the band's aesthetic has always been one of nostalgia for the 90's, so I thought the marriage of these two ideas would be a pretty rad way to visualize the tune." We couldn't agree more. -- Jheri Evans, Get Off The Coast

MP3: Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk: "Last Night Sucked"

Grab the Skeletor and Me 12" now via the always rad Fire Talk

Tags: baby birds don't drink milk, audio, video

Posted by getoffthecoast on 02/25/2011 at 10 a.m..

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