Altered Zones | September 2011 | Mix Series v13 | Raleigh Moncrief

[image by Max Capacity]

Welcome to the 13th installment of AZ's monthly mix series. This time around, Raleigh Moncrief volunteered to make us a mix of what he's been listening to as of late. The Sacramento-based producer is the newest member of the Anticon Collective, and while he may not be as recognizable as labelmates Why?, Baths, and Serengeti, he's been working behind the scenes in the indie rock world for a while now, collaborating with Hella drummer Zach Hill on various projects, playing guitar in Marnie Stern's live band, and co-producing Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca. Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, this short but sweet collection highlights the bubbly sounds of Monterrey, Mexico's White Ninja, devonwho's smooth take on Nappy Roots' "Awnaw" (which is way better than P.O.D.'s version), as well as a remix Moncrief did for fellow Sacto resident and Life's Blood artist Pregnant. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

Altered Zones | September 2011 | Mix Series v13 | Raleigh Moncrief

MP3: Raleigh Moncrief: "Lament for Morning"

Watch the trailer for Moncrief's upcoming Watered Lawn LP, out October 25th on Anticon

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Altered Zones | Aug 2011 | Mix Series v12 | Star Slinger

[image by Max Capacity]

Welcome to the 12th installment of our monthly mix series! For the past year, we've been getting some of our favorite artists to compile their favorite tracks posted on AZ in the past month, along with whatever else they've been loving lately. This time around we got Star Slinger, who's been making waves with his remixes for Toro Y Moi, Daedelus, and Washed Out as he gears up for a month-long North American tour with Mux Mool and Shlohmo. In this mix, the UK producer highlights straight-up sick jams like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "Crossroads," Big Krit's "R4 Theme Song," and Guido's "Mad Sax"-- a cut also chosen by Hard Mix back in February. The dude also throws in a few tracks of his own, including reworks of Musical Youth and Gold Panda, while also spotlighting Zach Hill's newest project, Death Grips, and past collaborator Teams. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

Altered Zones | August 2011 | Mix Series v12 | Star Slinger

You can still grab the Teams Vs. Star Slinger 12" from Mexican Summer. Autumn North American tour dates after the jump

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Altered Zones | July 2011 | Mix Series v11 | Sleep ∞ Over

[image by Max Capacity]

Welcome to the 11th installment of our monthly mix series. For July, we got Stefanie Franciotti of Sleep ∞ Over to select some of her favorite cuts from AZ last month and sequence them together with picks of her own. Ranging from the vintage dream-pop of Dead Can Dance and Strawberry Switchblade to the dark-and-rheumy synth experiments of Austin contemporaries SURVIVE and Troller, v11 showcases the ear for electronic texture, symphonic swells, and ineffable melancholy that has kept her recent "Romantic Streams" single on repeat over here. Other highlights include some Vashti Bunyan-esque atmopsheres from France's Twinsistermoon and the blown-out title track of LA Vampires' recently Zoned In collaboration with Ital, Streetwise. --Emilie Friedlander, Altered Zones

Altered Zones | July 2011 | Mix Series v11 | Sleep ∞ Over

01 Carol: "So Low"
04 Dead Can Dance: "In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated"
05 Strawberry Switchblade: "Go Away"
06 Boxbury Beat: "Windows"
07 Aly Us: "Follow Me"
09 Oppenheimer Analysis: "New Mexico"
10 SURVIVE: "Cube"
11 Decadance: "On and On"
12 [The Art of] Noise: "Moments in Love"
14 Troller: "Winter"

Sleep ∞ Over's Forever LP is out September 27th from Hippos in Tanks


MP3: Sleep ∞ Over: "Romantic Streams"

MP3: Sleep ∞ Over: "Bathsalts"

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Altered Zones | June 2011 | Mix Series v10 | Pictureplane

[Image by Max Capacity]

After a stellar submission from Holy Other, the tenth installment of our Monthly Mix series is here, and who better to inaugurate that second digit than Pictureplane? Though he calls Rhinoceropolis--Denver's leading DIY venue-- his home, this coiner of witch house went on a tour binge over the past 365 days, making freaks and geeks shake it 'till daybreak. I'm not even sure where he found the time to record his latest for Lovepump United, Thee Physical, which is his first since 2009's Dark Rift. Here in his "Deep Wound" mix, Egedy hits us with a few early '90s darkwave industrialists--X Marks the PedwalkPanic on the Titanic, and No Minds-- right off the bat, segueing into some hot jams from club contemporaries Darq E Freaker, Nguzunguzu, and Brenmar (formerly of These Are Powers). --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

Altered Zones | June 2011 | Mix Series V.10 | Pictureplane

01 X Marks the Pedwalk: "Paranoid Delusions"
02 Panic on the Titanic: "Major Tom"
03 No Minds "Twice Inside"
04 Unknown to the Unknown: "Assassin"
05 Darq E Freaker: "Rhythm and Slags"
06 Lil Internet: "Britney Spears Illuminati Glitch" 
07 Tim Dolla: "Switch (Samo Sound Boy Remix)"
08 Kontigo: "Here I Come"
09 Nyx: "Letting Go"
10 Jhene Aiko "Club Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix)"
11 Jamie Foxx: "Can I Take You Home (Lucid Bootleg)"
12 Rogerseventytwo: "You Take Me Higher (Brenmar Re-vision f. China)"
13 Ryan Trecartin: "Katy" (Pictureplane's Push the Button Remix)

Lovepump United drops Thee Physical on July 19th; Egedy's Thee Negative Slave mixtape is free at DIS Magazine


MP3: Becoming Real: "Closer (Pictureplane's No Body Remix)"

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[Image by Max Capacity]

Welcome to the ninth installment of our world famous Monthly Mix series. The mix Canadian songstress Grimes cooked up for our April edition was so good it got us all the way through the month of May. When it came time to fill her big boots for a retrospective of the month, there was only one person we could trust: Mancunian producer Holy Other. We haven't been able to get Holy Other's tantalisingly dark and beautiful soundscapes out of our heads, nor has the bass stopped pulverising our sternums, since we Zoned In on his EP, With U, last month. We asked him to make us a mix of all the tracks that have made him tick over the last 30 days. Highlights include cuts by Hype Williams member Inga Copeland, previous AZ-mixer Matthewdavid, and even an awesome remix of Holy Other's own "Touch." --Daniel Gottlieb, Altered Zones

Holy Other: Altered Zones Monthly Mix

02 Samaritan: "Do To You"
05 Matthewdavid: "Cucumber Lime"
08 Deadboy: "Wish U Were Here"
09 D/R/U/G/S: "Love/Lust (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)"
10 Holy Other: "Touch (Supreme Cuts Mix)"
11 Jason Burns: "Back 2 You"
12 John Talabot: "Lamento"

Holy Other's With U is out June 7th via Tri Angle Records, and is currently available for pre-order at Boomkat. You can stream it in its entirety from our Zoned In here, or get a taster with standout track "Touch", below:

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Altered Zones | April 2011 | Mix Series v8 | Grimes

[photo by Max Capacity]

Say hey to the eighth edition of our monthly mix series. Each month, we get an artist to make us a mix based on their favorite tracks on the site from the past 30 days, along with whatever they've been rocking lately. Matthewdavid totally killed it with his March submission, and now the LA producer passes the torch to Grimes, who just released a split with Montreal new ager d'Eon. Below, she riffs on like-minded Canadians like Braids, Blue Hawaii, Nu Sensae, and Austra, while tipping her hat to some strong ladies in the mystery zone. But the fun doesn't stop there-- Grimes was nice enough to include an unreleased track with her mix to sweeten the pot. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

MP3: Grimes: "Fragments of the Future"

Altered Zones | April 2011 | Mix Series V.8 | Grimes

01 Grimes: "Fragment Of The Future"
02 [mystery zone]
03 [mystery zone]
05 Braids: "Lammicken"
06 Fin: "Murder Bounce"
07 [mystery zone]
08 Grimes: "noise jam"
09 Blue Hawaii: "Belize (Grimes noise mix)"
10 Tian Ya Ge Nu: "The Wandering Songstress"
11 Hamza: "Wassilia"
12 Laurel Halo: "Supersymmetry"
13 Nu Sensae: "The Witch"

Pick up your copy of the Grimes / d'Eon split, Darkbloom, from Arbutus Records or Hippos In Tanks, stream the 12" below:

d'Eon / Grimes: Darkbloom

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[image by Miko Revereza]

Say hello to the seventh installment of our monthly mix series. Every month, we invite an artist to compile their favorite Altie Zonies tracks from the previous month, plus whatever they've been jamming lately, and to chop, screw, or straight-up destroy said tracks in a one-of-a-kind piece of music. We've been obsessing over the lo-fi beatscapes of Leaving Records label head matthewdavid for a while now. But we're not the only ones who are over the moon with the young producer from Los Angeles; Flying Lotus signed the young talent to his label, Brainfeeder, and will be releasing his next LP, Outmind, later this month. We even put him on the Altered Zones SxSW showcase alongside heartthrobs John Maus and Pictureplane. It's no surprise that matthewdavid's mix hits all the right spots, highlighting guest poster Maria Minerva and mix-submitting sisters Puro Instinct. He even treats us to unreleased tracks from the artist-profiled Speculator and our Japanese friends from Bun, not to mention an infectious groove from Ethio-Jazz pioneer Mulatu Astake, from a cassette compilation of African music called Ain't It Strange? on Mississippi Records. Legit. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

Altered Zones | March 2011 | Mix Series V.7 | Matthewdavid

01 Ray Cheser: "Elysium"
02 MC A.D.E AND POSSE: "Rockin' All Over"
03 Maria Minerva: "California Scheming"
04 Bun: "Devil"
05 [mystery zone]
06 [mystery zone]
07 Mulatu Astake: "Emnete"
08 Puro Instinct: "Stilyagi (Feat. Ariel Pink)"
09 [mystery zone]
10 [mystery zone]
11 Speculator: "Sweet Emotion"


MP3: Matthewdavid: "International (Feat. Dogbite)"

MP3: Matthewdavid: "Like You Mean It"

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(img src: max capacity)

Welcome to the sixth installment of our monthly mix series. Each month, we choose an artist to compile their favorite recent Altered Zones jams and mix them with choice cuts from their own library. We chose Hard Mix (aka producer Noah Smith) for this latest edition, whose Tammi Terrell-laced song "Alright" was beautifully remixed by last month's mix artist, Sumsun. Hard Mix highlights a string of great picks from Zones artists Gatto Fritto, Konnichiwa, and Star Slinger, while spotlighting tracks from around the world like Portugal's Crustas, Bristol's Guido, and italo-disco one hit wonder Mark McDean. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

01 Productivo: "The Moment of Success"
02 Crustas: "Broken"
03 Gatto Fritto: "Hex"
04 Konnichiwa: "Maiden China"
05 Mount Pleasant: "Florida"
06 The Whendays: "Namlos"
07 Guido: "The Way You Make Me Feel"
08 Star Slinger: "Rene Storm"
09 Onra: "Send Me Your Love"
10 Mark Mc Dean: "Itaiian Girl"

Hard Mix's free LP, Defaults, drops today on Dovecote. Check the album cut "Now Her" below.

MP3: Hard Mix: "Now Her"

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Altered Zones | January 2011 | Mix Series v5 | Sumsun

[image by Jesse Moretti]

Welcome to the fifth installment of Altered Zones' monthly mix series. You may have noticed that we went overboard during the holidays, posting daily mixes from the cats behind some of our favorite albums of 2010. All the heads were there: Games, How to Dress Well, oOoOOMark McGuire, Rangers, Autre Ne VeutClive TanakaThe SampsBig Troubles, Cloudland Canyon, and Yellow Swans. Well, now that we've recovered from all that self-imposed sensory overload, we asked Sumsun, one of our favorite new artists on Leaving Records, to pick out his favorite AZ discoveries from January and mix them up with a few others he's been feeling lately.

We first posted about Sumsun back in August, when fellow Leaving artist Oscar McClure dropped a remix of "Leaves." But when he hit back in November with his Samo Milagro cassette, we pretty much fell apart. Take a listen to "Wind Stone" from that album at the bottom of this post, along with his beautiful remix of Hard Mix's "Alright," which turns Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's Motown classic "If I Could Build My Whole World Around You" from an upbeat love song into a futuristic heartbreaker.

Altered Zones | January 2011 | Mix Series V.5 | Sumsun by alteredzones

01 Dak: "Youstandit"
03 Com Truise: "FairLight"
06 Michael Parallax: "Vicious People [ft Waylon Thornton & Quiet Coyote]"
08 Matthewdavid: "vvoxcave"
09 Moon Bounce: "Who Do You Know?"
11 [mystery zone]
12 Ssaliva: "Moth To The Flame"
13 Lay Bac: "Kasumi"
14 Moss of Aura: "Generations"
17 Swan Spells: "Woods Manner"

-- Previously:

MP3: Hard Mix: "Alright (Sumsun Remix)"

MP3: Sumsun: "Wind Stone"

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(img credit: rainn*)

Altered Zones | November 2010 | Mix Series v4 | CFCF by alteredzones

Welcome to the fourth edition of Altered Zones' monthly mix series. Our first three mixes were assembled with help from Brooklyn DJ/producer duo Weird Magic. For this month's installment, we got in contact with Montreal-based producer CFCF, whose new EP, The River, was inspired by Popul Vuh's score to Werner Herzog’s 1981 classic Fitzcarraldo, and was pretty much on repeat here at AZHQ through November. We asked him to pick out his favorite tracks featured on AZ last month and mix them up with a few of his current favorites, which turned out to include Bladely Snipes, DJ Earl, and Chuck Person, the chopped-and-screwed DJ alter ego of Dan Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never, Games). The night bus cometh:

01 Mark McGuire: "Nothing Personal"
02 Wonder Bear: "We Found The Egg"
03 Night Plane: "No Regrets"
04 LA Vampires Feat. Matrix Metals: "How Would U Know"
05 Gatekeeper: "Serpent"
06 Bikini: "American Mourning"
07 Arp: "High Life"
08 Teams vs. Star Slinger: "Say Please"
09 Games: "Heartlands"
10 Bladely Snipes: "No. 1"
11 Star Slinger: "Elizabeth Fraser"
12 DJ Earl: "Hit Da Bootz"
13 oOoOO: "Burnout Eyes"
14 Chuck Person - "Woman In Chains"
15 CFCF: "Signs Of Life"

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(img credit: max capacity)

At the end of August, we premiered our new Altered Zones mix series. The first volume stitched together some of our favorite tracks from the last full month of summer, and we were beyond stoked that you guys gave it enough props for it to ride high at the top of our 'Most Liked' category for the full 7-day stretch.

We did that first mix in like four hours at the mercy of Garageband, so we thought we'd step it up a bit for volume two, and put the project in the capable hands of Brooklyn's finest hi-technitions: the super-rad artist/blog duo Weird Magic. Suffice to say, if you dug the last one, September's puts in overtime. Check the tracklist and download that shit right here:

MP3: Altered Zones | September 2010 | Mix Series v2

01 Mark McGuire (of Emeralds): Brain Storm (For Erin)
02 Holy Other: YR LOVE
03 Coma Cinema: Her Sinking Sun
04 Tiago: Cloudy [via Teengirl Fantasy guest post]
05 Baby Jazz: Michael Jordan (excerpt)
06 Time Wharp: 1992
07 C V L T S: Flooded Forest
08 Marumari: Birch Beer Forest [via Keep Shelly in Athens guest post]
09 Part Time: If I Lose My Cool I'd Die
10 Algodón Egipcio: El Ingenio Humano
11 Pino Donaggio: Body Double (Lovelock Edit) [via Washed Out guest post]
12 Magick Mountain: Plains
13 Games: Shadows in Bloom
14 Manzanita Y Su Conjunto: Agua
15 Ponchos: This World Is Not My Home

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(img credit: max capacity)

Altered Zones is psyched today to launch its monthly mix series! Inspired in part by AZ contributor Gorilla vs Bear's, it features (some of!) our favorite tracks posted in August, seamlessly stitched together. You can also listen at our Soundcloud, where we've marked out the starting point for each song.

MP3: Altered Zones | August 2010 | Mix Series v1

01 MoonLasso: Empty Aerials
02 Sea Oleena: Island Cottage
03 Houses/Teen Daze: Bikes
04 Miracle: Sunstar
05 Tamaryn: Mild Confusion
06 Hotel Mexico: Its Twinkle
07 Mathemagic: Breaststroke
08 Top Girls: Can't Stop
09 The Vacant Lots: Confusion
10 Soft Powers: Mary Never Sings Our Songs
11 Coma Cinema: Business as Usual
12 MoonLasso: Empty Aerials (Reprise)

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