Even a cursory skimming of her CV will let you know that Fatima Al Qadiri is a busy woman of many talents: readying international exhibitions, writing the Global.WAV column for DIS, and releasing WARN-U-- her debut EP for Tri-Angle as Ayshay who, by the way, killed it with her DJ set at the recent AZ showcase-- are just a few of the highlights. Today, she dropped the Genre-Specific Xperience EP for UNO Records, a conceptual re-working of five different sub-genres of dance music. Unique from her vocally driven spiritual work under the Ayshay moniker, her namesake project is a totally beat-driven, dancefloor surreality.

"Hip Hop Spa" is her reinterpretation of (you guessed it) hip hop where she disturbingly casts the trademark imagery of solitary confinement in a prison cell as a source of introspection and reprieve on par with a trip to the spa. The accompanying music video-- a collaboration with visual artist Kamau Patton-- paints an equally telling hallucination where, amongst the wandering 808 subs, ghostly steel drums, and bare handclaps, we find a submerged, tropical nirvana of money, cars, and hoes… in other words, the meaning of life. --Matt Sullivan, Altered Zones

Fatima Al Qadiri: Genre-Specific Xperience sampler

Genre Specific Xperience is out now on UNO Records

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Posted by alteredzones on 10/25/2011 at 1 p.m..

Set Times For Altered Zones New Museum Showcase This Saturday Unveiled

Altered Zones is excited to announce the set times for our unofficial CMJ extravaganza at the New Museum tomorrow. Atlas Sound recently jumped on the bill, and there also a few new names on the Nuit Blanche New York-curated roster of visual artists, which will include Alice Cohen, Liz Harris (Grouper), Luke WyattMiko ReverezaCamilla Padgitt-ColesStephanie WuertzTodd LedfordOlivia WyattJames ThacherEthan Vogt, and Brock Monroe of Joshua Light Show.

Altered Zones takes place at the New Museum, located at 235 Bowery in Downtown Manhattan. It starts at 7:30 p.m. and costs $20 for New Museum members and $25 for general admission. Buy tickets here. This event is 21+. Beer will be provided by Brooklyn Brewery.


08:00 pm (downstairs) Dive
09:00 pm (downstairs) Teengirl Fantasy
10:00 pm (downstairs) Light Asylum
11:00 pm  (downstairs) Eric Copeland
12:00 am (downstairs) Trash Talk
1:00 am (downstairs) Atlas Sound

08:30 pm (upstairs) FORMA
09:30 pm (upstairs) Xeno & Oaklander
10:30 pm (upstairs) Prince Rama
11:30 pm  (upstairs) GRIMES
12:30 am (upstairs) AraabMUZIK

Lobby (DJs):
Awesome Tapes From Africa 8-9
Weird Magic 9-10
Todd Pendu 10-11
Main Attrakionz  11-12
Ayshay 12-1

Altered Zones x New Museum: Atlas Sound Added!

Update: We are thrilled to announce today that Atlas Sound has joined the lineup of our event this Saturday at New Museum! More information, as well as set times, will be revealed Friday.

This Saturday, October 22nd, Altered Zones is throwing an unofficial CMJ party at the the New Museum. Inspired by the idea of setting some of our favorite artists from the DIY music world in the museum context, we've teamed with our parent site, Pitchfork, to put together a line-up of AraabMuzikGrimesTeengirl FantasyTrash TalkEric CopelandPrince RamaLight AsylumXeno and OaklanderFORMA, and Dive, not to mention a killer stable of DJs, including Awesome Tapes From AfricaWeird MagicTodd PenduMain Attrakionz, and Ayshay.

Visuals will be curated by Nuit Blanche New York, will feature Alice Cohen, Grouper's Liz Harris, Luke WyattMiko ReverezaCamilla Padgitt-Coles, and more. The New Museum, our city's only museum devoted exclusively to contemporary art, will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the 2012 New Museum triennial, which is an international exhibition of emerging artists.

Altered Zones takes place at the New Museum, located at 235 Bowery in Downtown Manhattan. It starts at 7:30 p.m. and costs $20 for New Museum members and $25 for general admission. Buy tickets here. This event is 21+. Beer will be provided by Brooklyn Brewery.

MP3: Atlas Sound: "Te Amo"

MP3: araabMUZIK: "Streetz Tonight"

MP3: Trash Talk: "Explode"

MP3: Eric Copeland: "Krankendudel"

MP3: Grimes: "Vanessa"

MP3: Dive: "Sometime"

MP3: Ayshay: "WARN-U"

MP3: Main Attrakionz: "Perfect Skies"

MP3: Grouper: "Alien Observer"

Ayshay: "WARN-U"

Ayshay is the solo project of one Fatima Al Qadiri, a Senegal-born, Kuwait-native, New York City-based electronic artist who writes a world music column for DIS, and who first came to our attention last year via a guest post from Oneohtrix Point Never's Dan Lopatin. Ayshay means "whatever" in Arabic, and Warn-U is the title of her forthcoming EP on Tri Angle Records. According to the label, the EP's four tracks are built entirely from her own voice, and inspired by the Islamic religious songs that have been floating around her auditory environs since childhood. On the exquisitely bizarre title track, which happens to be the same track that OPN spotlighted, Fatima layers repeated, pitch-shifted vox snippets into what sounds like a community of Lemmings on a group hypnosis tip. --Emilie Friedlander, Altered Zones

Ayshay: "WARN-U"

WARN-U drops September 26th via Tri Angle in LP, CD, and digital formats. The EP includes a 12-minute remix (of the entire release) by Los Angeles' Nguzunguzu. Below, an excerpt, showcasing the production duo's treatment of the title track:

MP3: Ashay: "WARN-U (Nguzunguzu Remix)"

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Guest Post: Oneohtrix Point Never

Dan Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never & Games says:


buy ayshay mugs, tshirts and magnets

Oblivion anysing & anyeveryting wha'eva

"People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history."
...Governor George W. Bush, Jr.


Fatima Al Qadiri aka AYSHAY is a musician and designer who was raised in Kuwait and spent much of her post-Gulf War adolescence indoors reveling in all modes of a/v. Her music, which you can check out here, operates on a post-rave anxiety in the chillout room level; Fatima melts the candy down until it becomes pure, evenly distributed androgen synth goop. She does this all by cleverly navigating krautrock, b-music, hypnagogic world, and proto-techno through digital lo fi channels and the composite is intoxicating and acutely scarier than witch step, trypt hop, goths in hot weather etcetera. Do a search and steep yourself in her overall internet presence (her DIS Magazine posts are incredible) and you'll pick up on the sincerity and why-the-rawness. Fatima's a multitalent and I really hope she drops a record soon.

MP3: Ayshay: "WARN-U"

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