Mandelbrot & Skyy: "TT Races"

Great news for fans of Daren Ho (aka Driphouse, ex-Raccoo-oo-oon) and/or Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell) and/or heavy electronic soundscapes heading starward. Ho and Witscher have combined their spaced-out visions into a new project, Mandelbrot & Skyy. Since the raucous noise of Raccoo-oo-oon and Driphouse, Ho's been keeping busy, releasing a series of cassettes last year, Airlocks and Pallet Jackets and 50/50 on NNA Tapes, which included the beautiful track "Heavy White". Rene Hall too had a productive 2010, with a Wet Hair/Rene Hell split 7" on Bathetic, a self-released LP Waiting For The Ladies in collaboration with Yellow Swans' Pete Swanson, and Porcelain Opera streaming over on Type Records.

And like all great collaborations, Mandelbrot & Skyy contains everything we love about their previous projects, and yet still comes up with a sound that is original, definitely more than the sum of its parts. On "TT Races", a cut from the forthcoming LP OD-Axis, M&S channel the transcendental sounds of kosmische, suspending us somewhere, but definitely not on earth. --Daniel Gottlieb, Altered Zones

MP3: Mandelbrot & Skyy: "TT Races"

Mandelbrot & Skyy's forthcoming LP, OD-axis will be released by Digitalis at a date not too far away.

Tags: mandelbrot & skyy, audio

Posted by alteredzones on 02/24/2011 at 3 p.m..

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