Julian Lynch: "Terra"

Madison, WI via Ridgewood, NJ singer-songwriter Julian Lynch has two live incarnations. There's Julian the rock 'n' roll frontman, backed by an extended family of old high school friends who just happen to be members of the bands Real Estate, Family Portrait/Wet Dream, and Big Troubles. And then there's Julian the solo instrumentalist, the one who doesn't play all the songs you want to hear; he's sitting cross-legged on the floor in some basement somewhere, weeding out the impatient with a snail-slow clarinet solo that ends up reminding you of the first time the Taxi Driver soundtrack got you a little misty.

"Terra," the title cut from his third full-length, gives us both Julians rolled into one. From the curling clarinet solo to Julian's signature falsetto, the tablas-style percussion to the Steve Hillage-throwback guitar-synth breakdown, we've got what is probably one of his most successful attempts at fusing rock sensiblity with an ethnomusicology student's curiosity for the East. The best part is, he makes it sound as easy as kicking back with a suburban beverage on a sunny deck in Ridgewood. (Visitation Rites co-premiere)

MP3: Julian Lynch: "Terra"

Terra is out April 26th on Underwater Peoples

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Posted by visitationrites on 02/18/2011 at 10 a.m..

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