Spectre Folk Readies New EP for Woodsist

Brooklyn's Pete Nolan has been making lackadaisical psych-folk under the Spectre Folk alias since before he became one half of the Magik Markers, but it was not until he expanded his live line-up to include Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and The Grey Lady guitarist Peter Meehan last year that the project seemed to be finally evolving into something more than a repository for stream-of-consciousness, early am noodlings. "Burning Bridge", from 2009's Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo LP on Abritrary Signs, was one gorgeously tortured gem of a sleeper anthem, and we were delighted to learn yesterday that Nolan is now prepping a new EP for Brooklyn's Woodsist, featuring the aforementioned collaborators in addition to Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs) on slithered bass.

According to Magik Markers bandmate Elise Ambroglio, "the band entered Echo Canyon West with the intention of recording a 7" of the 'up-tempo' version of 'Blackest Medicine,' the title cut from the 2007 home-fi Woodsist debut. After several sessions, they emerged with a four song studio collage monster that won't fit in your locker and smells like smoked banana peels and undies blowing down an alleyway." Their reworking of "The Blackest Medecine", below, sounds almost like a lost single from VU's Loaded, though Shelley and Mullan's recent stint as the rhythm section for Michael Rother's Neu! tribute band seems to have rubbed off as well.

MP3: Spectre Folk: "The Blackest Medicine"

The Blackest Medicine, Vol. II 12" is out March 29th on Woodsist

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Posted by alteredzones on 01/28/2011 at 12:15 p.m..

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