Lapti & Nocow: "Sirenas (Part 1)"

Moscow's Lapti uploaded a new collaboration with St. Petersburg's Nocow to his Soundcloud. "Sirenas (Part 1)" is a three-minute piece of ambient bliss, almost verging on a mournful dirge with its slow, slow pace and emotive wisps of female vocal. "Alligator Tamer", another track that he upped since I mentioned him in September, showcases a more upbeat side of Lapti. Check those two plus a few remixes on his Soundcloud. I recommend the Steve Spacek remix for the ambient beat-scape side and the Mims for more of a party vibe. (via Friendship Bracelet)

MP3: Lapti & Nocow: "Sirenas (Part 1)"

Tags: lapti, audio

Posted by friendshipbracelet on 01/20/2011 at 4 p.m..

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