Brooklyn DIY Venue Unveils Online Live Recordings Archive

Not to be confused with the historical Mets stadium (which was in Queens), Brooklyn's Shea Stadium is a popular DIY venue and recording studio that was founded in April 2009 by promoter Adam Reich (pictured above) and The So So Glos, who also started the now-inactive Market Hotel with promoter Todd P. Located on a dimly lit street in the borough's East Williamsburg Industrial Park area, the venue has the particularly of recording pretty much every single artist who has ever passed through its doors on a digital 16-track.

Altered Zones received the exciting news today that Shea Stadium has gone and made those recordings available to the public, in the form of an open web-archive that will be regularly updated as bands pass through. Visit Live At Shea Stadium for 50 hours of live music from about 150 different artists, including Dead Gaze, Ducktails, Dustin Wong, Excepter, Future Islands, How To Dress Well, James Ferraro, Liturgy, MV+EEPrince Rama, Porcelain Raft, Screaming Females, and Steve Gunn/John Truscinski. Sample a live set from September 2010 by Ponytail's Dustin Wong below, and be glad that while most of us the people present at these shows were busy bopping to the beat, someone was taking the trouble to document them for posterity.

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Posted by alteredzones on 01/19/2011 at 11:09 a.m..

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