Guest Post: James Pants vs. Tyler, The Creator

James Pants says:
Tyler is one of those dudes who says bad things and gets away with it. But the raps remind of good things like Raekwon and Juicy J. Hohoho. "Bitches Brewin'" is one of my favorites from Tyler the "Ace" Creator because it's slow. Really slow-- which is what I like right now. "Fin" is another one I like. It's like the posse shout-out song from the Odd Future Tape. There's not enough posse shout songs any more, so I'm glad Tyler resurrected it. I've always wanted to do a mix-tape of only shout-outs, and I think this song is the missing link. He also shouts out my Welcome record. There's a couple other songs of mine that Tyler raps over or sampled, but I can't include them on my list. I DO have to include the magnificent Odd Future affiliate, Earl Sweatshirt as one of my favorites. No one can front on fish-lips. The video "EARL" is one of the greater pieces of cinema verite in recent years. Shout out."

MP3: Ace Creator: "Bitches Brewin'"

MP3: Ace Creator: "Fin"

Read Tyler's guest post on James Pants here, then Download Pretty Much Everything Odd Future Has Ever Done Here

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Posted by alteredzones on 01/17/2011 at 2:30 p.m..

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