Mix: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

At some point, he’ll start to grow up and won’t need lullabies to fall asleep in his crib. Once his crawl morphs into a walk, then a trot, then a run, he’ll move past those cartoon theme songs and maybe start listening to pop radio. Who knows? In high school he might move on to black metal or hardcore rap; then in college branch out to prog rock or dip his toe in jazz. That might be the musical path of your son, but not Moebius, Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s little baby boy; he'll be listening to jams cooler than frozen Smucker’s on his way to Kindergarten. He’s too young to speak now, so you may not view him as the tastemaker he’s destined to be; but if he’s already being guided to music like this, he’ll be the coolest kid in high school by the time he gets to 5th grade. (via Yours Truly)

UMO dedicates a mix to Moebius for Yours Truly's Other People's Poetry series which includes mixes from Nite Jewel, BRAIDS, Summer Camp, and more.

MP3: Unknown Mortal Orchestra: "Yours Truly Mix"

01 Fetus Productions: "Flicker"
02 Parallel Dance Ensemble: "Weight Watchers"
03 Dow Jones and The Industrials: "Ladies with Appliances"
04 CX Kidtronik: "School Sucks feat. Deuse Gangsta)"
05 Split Enz: "Titus"
06 The Hunger: "Portland 69"
07 George Duke: "For Love (I Come Your Friend)"
08 Skeptics: "Sensible Shoes"
09 Kraftwerk: "Ruckzuck (live)"

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Posted by yourstruly on 01/19/2011 at 4 p.m..

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