Guest Post: Tyler, The Creator vs. James Pants

Tyler, The Creator of OFWGKTA says:
Most Producers Have Their Top 5 Favorite Or Most Influential Producers. James Pants Is In My Top 5. The First TIme I Heard Shower Party I Fucking Flipped. The Shit Is Only About 40 Seconds Long, But, The Chords Just Takes Me To my Happy Place. My Favorite Song From James Pants Is Chip In The Hand (From The 2009 SEVEN SEALS Release). It Seriously Sounds Like Some Suburb Teenage Mall Background Music To Me. The Reverb On The Drums Just Makes Everything Sound So Much More Swagged Out. Kathleen Is For Sure In My Top 3 James Songs. When I First Heard This, I Was Pist Off. Simply Because I Was Thinking "Why The Fuck Can't I Make Shit As Good As This?" I Don't Know What It Sounds Like..... Nevermind, Again, It Sounds Like Some Suberb Teenage Relationship Shit, And I Fucking Love It. James Is hands Down One Of The most Creative Fucking People To Walk This Earth. Every Album Sounds Totally Different, And That Influences The Fuck Out Of Me. I Am Not A Cross Dresser.

James Pants' "Kathleen" from upcoming albumĀ SELF - TITLED will drop from Peanut Butter Wolf's Stones Throw label soon, check out what James Pants' guest post about Tyler here

Tags: tyler the creator, odd future, ofwgkta, guest posts, guest artists, audio

Posted by alteredzones on 01/17/2011 at noon.

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