:visited: "Sunset Article"

With nods from Rose Quartz and Pinglewood, Tokyo’s :visited loosely braids vocal histrionics, sampledelic beats, and airy digital melodies into the eclectic “Sunset Article”.  Layered beats and a restrained funk bass corral an echoing horn section into a groove that’s thick and fluid. Deft mixing creates the rhythmic variation needed to ensure that the breakdown fits into the rest of the track without friction. It’s hip-hop-inspired music that relies on careful sample manipulation, not haphazard cutting and stitching. The sound palate is equally refined, shying away from the engorged or overblown. As the relationships between each melodic part continually rework themselves, the listener is forced to either constantly regain their footing, or be swept away. --Luke Carrell, International Tapes

MP3: :visited: "Sunset Article"

You can hear more from :visited and other Japanese artists on the CUZ ME PAIN COMPILATION

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Posted by internationaltapes on 01/07/2011 at 1 p.m..

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