Night Plane: "No Regrets"

We came across William Rauscher's work as Night Plane on Soundcloud this weekend and this track immediately sent us into the darkest, filthiest k-hole we've stumbled into since McGregor's bathroom (bleak 4am vibes!). The track is, in Rauscher's words, a "heavy re-edit" of the 1982 R&B cut "You Are in My System" by NYC duo The System, "housed up with some instruments added." We'd argue he's being a little modest: the track obviously samples the original, but it sounds almost nothing like it-- and the synth riffs he drops in at 2:20 are just the best.

Rauscher used to live in Texas but has recently spent time DJing between Brooklyn and Berlin, writing for Resident Advisor, and keeping a series of fascinating blogs covering everything from rare disco edits to psychedelic biology to his latest project, The Electric Mainline, which he describes as "Google news [if] it was edited by David Cronenberg." Sort of a fierce description but it's actually pretty dead-on. (Thanks to Todd at Olde English Spelling Bee for the heads up!)

MP3: Night Plane: "No Regrets"

Tags: audio, night plane

Posted by alteredzones on 11/12/2010 at 3 p.m..

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