Following last Spring's "Island Best" video, Holland's Stellar Om Source returns with another gentle flirtation with the cosmos, glimpsed through a pastel gauze of faded pop-cultural references -- musical and visual, sci-fi and quotidian, remembered and remembered only in feel. Zapping between Omni mag animation and the second-hand memory of devouring a pot of chocolate pudding on your childhood porch, Italian DVD-R and VHS label AAVV handles archival imagery in the way that Christelle Gualdi handles her palette of vintage sounds: with a patience and sensitivity that can only stem from deep affection. "Magnetic Depths" and "Rites of Fusion" (featuring a guest appearance by Oneohtrix Point Never) are two tracks from Christelle's much-anticipated Trilogy Select LP, which should be climbing out of the Olde English Spelling Bee dungeons and into stores later this week. (Friendship Bracelet co-premiere)

Trilogy Select LP is available via OESB. Christelle recently published a series of visual pieces in issue 4 of Seattle's I Want You Magazine, the print version of which arrives with a free Stellar Om Source 7". She is also doing a few dates in Europe this week and next. Check them below.

10/26th Cambridge - The Portland w/ Heatsick, Hungry Soul
10/27 London - Cafe Oto w/ Heatsick, Hungry Soul
10/28 London - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen w/ Teengirl Fantasy, Twin Shadow, Kitten
10/30 Nijmegen - Extrapool
11/6 Amsterdam - Subacultcha

Tags: stellar om source, audio

Posted by alteredzones on 10/26/2010 at noon.

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