Blackbird Blackbird: "Starlight" (Feat. Steffaloo)

Mikey Sanders of California's Blackbird Blackbird is about as prolific as they come. In just this past month, he's released two free EPs, Modern Disbelief and Rarities, both of which are available for free download on his Bandcamp page. Outside of that, he has a 17-song full-length, Summer Heart (available here) along with countless other collaborations, remixes, and covers circulating around the internet. His latest release, “Starlight,” sticks closely to the lush aesthetic of his previous work, the marked difference being Steph Thompson on vocals. Her voice lends new layers to the sound of Blackbird Blackbird, and with minimal reverb added, it blends seamlessly into the conglomerate of sweeping synthesizers. According to Mikey, if all goes well, we can expect more from this duo in the near future. (via The Road Goes Ever On)

MP3: Blackbird Blackbird: "Starlight" (feat Steffaloo)

Blackbird Blackbird's debut LP, Summer Heart, is available here

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Posted by theroadgoeseveron on 09/09/2010 at noon.

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