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Altered Zones is psyched today to launch its monthly mix series! Inspired in part by AZ contributor Gorilla vs Bear's, it features (some of!) our favorite tracks posted in August, seamlessly stitched together. You can also listen at our Soundcloud, where we've marked out the starting point for each song.

MP3: Altered Zones | August 2010 | Mix Series v1

01 MoonLasso: Empty Aerials
02 Sea Oleena: Island Cottage
03 Houses/Teen Daze: Bikes
04 Miracle: Sunstar
05 Tamaryn: Mild Confusion
06 Hotel Mexico: Its Twinkle
07 Mathemagic: Breaststroke
08 Top Girls: Can't Stop
09 The Vacant Lots: Confusion
10 Soft Powers: Mary Never Sings Our Songs
11 Coma Cinema: Business as Usual
12 MoonLasso: Empty Aerials (Reprise)

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Posted by alteredzones on 09/03/2010 at 6:28 p.m..

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