Algodón Egipcio: "El Ingenio Humano"

With solo project Algodón Egipcio, Cheky of Venezuela's Jóvenes y Sexys has set aside the Mothersbaugh film score sensibility and precise acoustic pop in favor of a diverse palate of chained effects and synths. Without straying into misguided experimentalism or “oh-that-sounds-like-that-band-but-just-one-guy” territory, Algodón Egipcio represents both a break in style and an expansion of a sound JyS fans will instantly recognize. “El Ingenio Humano" is simultaneously demure and eclectic, creatively refining aspects of current trends but never aping them. The vocals give the track most of its momentum; occasionally, restrained melodies emerge from beneath all the reverb to help carry the load. Worth listening to solely for the dreamily portentous guitar/synth alloy that dominates most of the track. --Luke Carrell, International Tapes

MP3: Algodón Egipcio: "El Ingenio Humano"

La Lucha Constante is out September 13th via Bandcamp. Check out Soundcloud in the meantime

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Posted by internationaltapes on 09/03/2010 at 5 p.m..

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