In the undulating analog clip for "Red Song," the face of Suuns' Ben Shemie gets flexed by fingers and torqued in tracking. It could almost function as a surreal hostage tape for the self, if we could decipher any of Shemie's soft-sung demands. "Red Song" makes a paranoid progression that jives with the steady panoptic gaze here, Shemie turning even his insides out for all to see. He explains the process and in-cutting:

The video was shot on an old VHS recorder that we picked up on tour somewhere in the southern United States for 4 bucks, which gives it that old video look. We also grabbed a handful of old home videos and some other tapes; some self-help stuff, excercise tapes, some religious videos, and a Dragonball-Z animation. Just randomly threw the tapes in and started recording clips. Mostly it came out fuzzy or obscured. We didn't really try and select cool parts, just whatever turned up on the screen. The Dragonball-Z parts just seemed to fit well: pretty intense action scenes that are bleached out from sitting on a shelf for however many years. There appears to be a kind of resurrection scene in those clips that compliments the relatively static nature of the video. --Dale W. Eisinger, Altered Zones

"Red Song" takes the b-side for the new Sunns 12" Bambi, out now on Secretly Canadian

Tags: suuns, video

Posted by alteredzones on 11/17/2011 at noon.

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