When Portland noise duo Yellow Swans called it quits in 2008, a certain sect of improvisational-noise devotees was left wanting. But as 2011 rolled on, we've seen a couple recent releases from Pete Swanson, one half of the erstwhile Swans. This includes a full length, I Don't Rock At All, for Three Lobed Recordings and a 7" for Emerald Cocoon. November will see yet another full-length release from Swanson, called Man With Potential, this time on recently profiled Type Records.

Swanson describes its sounds to us: "The album is mainly comprised of fairly fractured electronic sounds, tape loops of voices, and field recordings, with occasional melodic themes and kick drums emerging to ground the pieces in some more accessible sonic territory. At the time of this recording, I was fixated on out-of-sync looping patterns and creating very dense work by layering very brief sounds." Man With Potential was recorded in Decemeber 2010 in Oregon-- the above video is our first look. --Dale W. Eisinger, Altered Zones

Stream four recent Pete Swanson songs, one of which is from the upcoming Man With Potential, at The Wire

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Posted by alteredzones on 10/26/2011 at 2:25 p.m..

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