Guest Post: Water Borders

Amitai Heller and Loric Sih of Water Borders say: 
Back in early 2010, the nascent dawn of Water Borders, our friend Mara suggested we check out a dude named JAWS with whom we were occupying a parallel musical universe. We didn't give it much thought until a few months later when we got an opportunity to see him play live. Shirtless and sweaty, with blood capsules dripping down his square chin, JAWS operates a motherboard of analog synths, drum machines, effects pedals, smoke machine, and lights while maintaining a T.A.Z.-like stage presence. He hits drums pads with a massive Bowie knife and swings his white-hot lights around haphazardly, always seeming like he's going to pulverize himself and the audience. The show ended in haste when he accidentally machete'd his mic chord. Seeing JAWS is like watching a VHS bootleg on YouTube that attacks you or like living out the m4m fantasy of a D.A.F. album cover.

The track we included here, "Joined," is a fractured machine with a delayed D&B bassline squawk for a heart. Over the clanking chatter he chants, "Join me in the stream"-- or maybe it's "Join the industry." Either is appropriate as he now resides in Los Angeles. Also, here's a short clip of one of his shows at the now sadly defunct Eagle Tavern in San Francisco.

Jaws: "Joined"

Water Borders' debut LP, Harbored Mantras, is out October 10th via Tri Angle. JAWS' Stress Test tape drops soon via Hundebiss Records

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Posted by alteredzones on 09/21/2011 at noon.

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