Octo Octa: "I'm Trying"

Octo Octa's first release with 100% Silk, the 12" maxi-single for "Let Me See You," has been picking up blog-momentum since it was announced a few weeks ago. The label is already sold out of copies, though some distributors still have a few. Today we have the first track from the b-side, an extraordinarily minimal IDM track that label head Amanda Brown says is "literally one of my favorite songs I've ever released on either of my record labels." While that's certainly a strong statement, it's hard to disagree. Vocal samples and house-y synths weave between the background and the forefront, practically forcing you to move along to the track's endlessly throbbing kicks. By the song's end I'm covered in sweat, ready to press play once more. --Jheri Evans, Get Off The Coast

MP3: Octo Octa: "I'm Trying"

The Let Me See You 12" is already sold out over at 100% Silk, but you can still snag a copy via Midheaven. Just don't sleep on this one.

Tags: octo octa, audio

Posted by getoffthecoast on 09/15/2011 at 4:20 p.m..

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