The first Telecult Powers grimoire to be released on vinyl, Zion Traveler is an aural document of the Brooklyn/New Orleans duo's continued trans-plutonian explorations. Hand-crafted synth-gun boxes faciliate psychedelic drone/avant-garde/noise dialogue between "Witchbeam," "Mister Matthews," and the cosmic others, transcending astral planes through thought broadcast.

On "Space Through Thoughts," low frequency sine wave drones grind against faster oscillations. The combination stimulates an out-of-body time/space warp and communication between supersensible entities is further enhanced by some chilling footage of New Orleans, which tends to dance on the dark side. The duo's message remains cryptic, but its way of teetering on the edge of doom suggests that Telecult Powers' clairvoyance is not to be taken lightly. Hear a second track from the album, "Spirt Telephone," below, along with an introduction from Witchbeam:

"Please note that 'Spirit Telephone' hasn't been recorded yet, but will be in 2436 AD. We used a special telecult/advanced hoodootronix technique of channeling it from the future." --Mary Katherine Youngblood, Visitation Rites

Telecult Powers: "Spirit Telephone"

Grip the Zion Traveler LP from Baked Tapes

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Posted by visitationrites on 09/14/2011 at 3 p.m..

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