Pterodactyl: "Nerds"

[Pterodactyl outside of Secret Project Robot/Monster Island Basement, home of Oneida's studio; by Sabine Rogers]

It's refreshing to hear a track called "Nerds" from a Brooklyn band that genuinely eschews its home-zone's trend wagons. But would you expect anything less of a band on Brah Records, the Jagjaguwar imprint curated by Oneida? Pterodactyl's perennial art-rock pummel was first plucked up by their neighbors at Brah for 2007's Pterodactyl and 2009's Worldwind. Those records' tornados of angular, mathy guitars, skitzo drums, and piercing, emotive screeches are toned down in their forthcoming LP, Spills Out, with a pop structure that's a tamer Pterodactyl, but still pretty frenetic. The band says "Nerds" is about playing life like a video game: "role playing," "nerdy gamers in love," and the mindmeld you reach in a relationship "when you lose track of who's who." Despite cleaner, criss-cross croons and a potentially voguish Spector-fuzz influence, "Nerds" maintains a thrashy momentum that keeps the sound delightfully uncool. Just check out that first verse's melody-- appropriately lifted from Zelda's theme. --Jenn Pelly, Altered Zones

MP3: Pterodactyl: "Nerds"

Spills Out drops November 15th on Brah Records

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Posted by alteredzones on 09/08/2011 at 9 a.m..

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