Albert Swarm: "Familialities"

The enigmatic music making entity known as Albert Swarm hails from Brooklyn via northern Finland, but that’s about all the bio you’re going to get out of this guy. “Familialities” is a more minimalist take on the dangerously deep sample-scapes of Holy Other or Balam Acab. Delayed arrays of plucked strings and chimes feel whimsical before collapsing into place around bottom-heavy drums and abstract, soulful vocal samples ripped away from their context. Raw bits of filter hiss, temperamental sample manipulations, and plenty of other subtleties might escape a first listen, so it's good thing that you’re going to have this track on heavy rotation anyway. --Luke Carrell, International Tapes

MP3: Albert Swarm: "Familialities"

Albert Swarm’s Held EP is available now from Ceremony

Tags: albert swarm, audio

Posted by internationaltapes on 09/06/2011 at 2:22 p.m..

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