Silent Diane: "Capella"

True Panther just rolled out this new single from Silent Diane, whom you've probably already heard mentioned alongside Sleep ∞ Over, Pure X, Survive, Troller, How I Quit Crack, and other bands from the small-but-thriving, tarot-and-juicer-friendly Austin psych scene recently captured by The Fader's Sam Hockley-Smith in "Austin Texas: The City That Always Sleeps." (Consider that Christine Aprile-- one half of the gothy synth-pop duo, with Malcolm Elijah-- is roommates with members of Pure X and Sleep Over, and you get an idea of how small it really is.) Silent Diane has been around since 2009, and appears to have blossomed since its grit-laden early singles into the kind of band that makes wide-eyed, sing-along, stylistically hybrid stadium anthems. "Capella" combines inflections of pan-Asian, electronic kitsch with flickering beats and one soaring wingspan of a vocal line. --Emilie Friedlander, Altered Zones

Silent Diane: "Capella"

"Capella" 7" is available now from True Panther

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Posted by alteredzones on 08/31/2011 at noon.

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