Gobble Gobble Changes Name to Born Gold

The Canadian guys formerly known as Gobble Gobble, now known as Born Gold, are releasing their debut LP September 20th on the band's imprint, Hovercraft, and Crash Symbols, a label brought to you by the folks from Get Off The Coast. Packed with a flurry of noisy fun, the debut track under the new name, “Alabaster Bodyworlds” is a pool party in the midst of a hurricane, confetti and lawn chairs dancing in the wind to future-heavy electro beats, only slowing down for breaths on the catchy chorus.

Frontman Cecil Frena relflects upon Born Gold's current state of mind: "We have been slowly coaxing this caterpillar into a butterfly with our fists. Check it out, girl-- a new face to fit both our past to date and the futuresex we are slowly growing into. Stand before a mirror, hold your palm over your right eye, and repeat Born Gold six times." Bumps, bruises, broken furniture, and sweaty brows: these are the things that wild synth-pop is made of. --Yours Truly

MP3: Born Gold: "Alabaster Bodyworlds"

Grip the MP3s on September 9th if you pre-order the LP at INSOUND

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Posted by yourstruly on 08/09/2011 at 2:04 p.m..

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