Altered Zones | July 2011 | Mix Series v11 | Sleep ∞ Over

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Welcome to the 11th installment of our monthly mix series. For July, we got Stefanie Franciotti of Sleep ∞ Over to select some of her favorite cuts from AZ last month and sequence them together with picks of her own. Ranging from the vintage dream-pop of Dead Can Dance and Strawberry Switchblade to the dark-and-rheumy synth experiments of Austin contemporaries SURVIVE and Troller, v11 showcases the ear for electronic texture, symphonic swells, and ineffable melancholy that has kept her recent "Romantic Streams" single on repeat over here. Other highlights include some Vashti Bunyan-esque atmopsheres from France's Twinsistermoon and the blown-out title track of LA Vampires' recently Zoned In collaboration with Ital, Streetwise. --Emilie Friedlander, Altered Zones

Altered Zones | July 2011 | Mix Series v11 | Sleep ∞ Over

01 Carol: "So Low"
04 Dead Can Dance: "In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated"
05 Strawberry Switchblade: "Go Away"
06 Boxbury Beat: "Windows"
07 Aly Us: "Follow Me"
09 Oppenheimer Analysis: "New Mexico"
10 SURVIVE: "Cube"
11 Decadance: "On and On"
12 [The Art of] Noise: "Moments in Love"
14 Troller: "Winter"

Sleep ∞ Over's Forever LP is out September 27th from Hippos in Tanks


MP3: Sleep ∞ Over: "Romantic Streams"

MP3: Sleep ∞ Over: "Bathsalts"

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