TwinSisterMoon: "Desert Prophecy"

TwinSisterMoon is Mehdi Ameziane, one half of the hallowed French duo Natural Snow Buildings. Birthed back in 2007 with the self-released CD-R When The Stars Glide Through Solid, Medhi has since put out a string of limited releases and their subsequent reissues, garnering a devoted following of folk-drone enthusiasts and rarity collectors alike. Last year's Then Fell The Ashes... album somehow slipped under our radar, but Primary Numbers has re-released it with updated versions of the songs and a bonus track, and we're all-ears. "Desert Prophecy" is a work of characteristically bleak folk craftsmanship that invokes the twists and turns of a heart on a threadbare sleeve. --Ian Pearson, Altered Zones

MP3: TwinSisterMoon: "Desert Prophecy"

You can pick up Then Fell The Ashes... from Forced Exposure (LP format) and Aquarius (CD)

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Posted by alteredzones on 07/26/2011 at 2 p.m..

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