Carol Kleyn: "Love's Goin' Round"

If you're on the fence about leaving everything behind and joining a commune, the pastoral beauty of Carol Kleyn might give you that extra push. Her self-released 1976 LP, Love Has Made Me Stronger, is a whismical exploration of arboreal pop and Anglo folk, featuring a voice as powerful and mesmerizing as Sandy Denny. While the harp was often Kleyn's weapon of choice, she didn't learn to play until she was 21, after receiving one as a gift from her friend and mentor Bobby Brown (not this one). Kleyn quickly mastered the instrument, and she and Bobby began touring in the renaissance fair circuit and play any rooms along the west coast that would have them-- eventually earning a reguar opening gig for Gregg Allman. Despite some notable accolades, Love Has Made Me Stronger remained a bit too eccentric for the general mid-'70s folk sensibility, and was relegated to dusty second-hand record bins and the collections of obscurity enthusiasts. Thankfully, Drag City saved this incredible discovery from the dregs of forgotten outsider folk. The album opener, "Love's Goin Round," is devastatingly gorgeous and warm; a worthy introduction to a charming woman who once referred to herself as "the loving shepherdess." Fitting, as Klyen's gentle yet haunting sound fits somewhere between cultish and heavenly. --Kenny Bloggins, The Decibel Tolls

Carol Kleyn: "Love's Goin' Round"

Love Has Made Me Stronger is out July 19 via the fine folks at Drag City

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Posted by thedecibeltolls on 05/27/2011 at 4 p.m..

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