Devin Gary & Ross: "4 Corners"

Instantly smitten with this ramshackle psych-folk number by New York's Devin Gary & Ross, the visually inclined trio of cartoon animator Devin Ross, photographer and sign painter Ross Goldstein, and illustrator, designer, and all-around Renaissance weirdo Gary Panter, perhaps best known as the art director for "Pee-wee's Playhouse." Pete Nolan of Spectre Folk is putting out their debut EP, Four Corners Bounce, on his own Arbitrary Signs imprint, and we can definitely hear the family resemblance. Think Velvet Underground-era VU meets Alexander "Skip" Spence meets the equally LSD-infused solo output of Germany's Juergen Gleue, only WAY more deadpan. --Emilie Friedlander, Altered Zones

MP3: Devin Gary & Ross: "4 Corners"

Four Corners Bounce EP is out soon on Arbitrary Signs

Tags: devin gary & ross, audio

Posted by alteredzones on 05/20/2011 at 2 p.m..

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