Guest Post: The Decibel Tolls

The Decibel Tolls says:
You might think we're talking about one of Frank Zappa's children, but MoonLasso is actually the nom de plume of a young lady named Malee from the state capitol of Florida. Despite the Sunshine State's consistent torrent of spring-breakin', brew-crushin', and Margaritavillin', some truly spooky and magnificent music creeps up from this locale, as further evidenced by friends Emily Reo and Rabbit Punch. MoonLasso is an even darker offering; angular melodies, echoes and whispers, suffocating ambient swells, and flickering shadows creep throughout the sound-space, sculpting this forebodingly beautiful 8mm pop. Enjoy the sublime "Empty Aerials" from her EP, Lamplighter, crossing the ethereal vocals of the Cocteau Twins with the desolate evil that is Godspeed You Black Emperor.

MP3: MoonLasso: "Empty Aerials"

Lamplighter is available for download via Bandcamp

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Posted by alteredzones on 08/13/2010 at 3 p.m..

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