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Say hello to the seventh installment of our monthly mix series. Every month, we invite an artist to compile their favorite Altie Zonies tracks from the previous month, plus whatever they've been jamming lately, and to chop, screw, or straight-up destroy said tracks in a one-of-a-kind piece of music. We've been obsessing over the lo-fi beatscapes of Leaving Records label head matthewdavid for a while now. But we're not the only ones who are over the moon with the young producer from Los Angeles; Flying Lotus signed the young talent to his label, Brainfeeder, and will be releasing his next LP, Outmind, later this month. We even put him on the Altered Zones SxSW showcase alongside heartthrobs John Maus and Pictureplane. It's no surprise that matthewdavid's mix hits all the right spots, highlighting guest poster Maria Minerva and mix-submitting sisters Puro Instinct. He even treats us to unreleased tracks from the artist-profiled Speculator and our Japanese friends from Bun, not to mention an infectious groove from Ethio-Jazz pioneer Mulatu Astake, from a cassette compilation of African music called Ain't It Strange? on Mississippi Records. Legit. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

Altered Zones | March 2011 | Mix Series V.7 | Matthewdavid

01 Ray Cheser: "Elysium"
02 MC A.D.E AND POSSE: "Rockin' All Over"
03 Maria Minerva: "California Scheming"
04 Bun: "Devil"
05 [mystery zone]
06 [mystery zone]
07 Mulatu Astake: "Emnete"
08 Puro Instinct: "Stilyagi (Feat. Ariel Pink)"
09 [mystery zone]
10 [mystery zone]
11 Speculator: "Sweet Emotion"


MP3: Matthewdavid: "International (Feat. Dogbite)"

MP3: Matthewdavid: "Like You Mean It"

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Posted by alteredzones on 04/04/2011 at 2:22 a.m..

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