Nat Baldwin: "Weights"

Free jazz doesn't happen to be my thang, but I have a deep respect for those gusts of tumultuous passion it can produce on occasion. Surrounded by structured melody and rhythm, I can digest these chaotic bites and feel fully satisfied. Such is the case with Nat Baldwin's "Weights," from his forthcoming album, People Changes. The track is built upon an intense contrabass flurry and Baldwin's broken falsetto, similar to that of David Longstreth, his bandmate in Dirty Projectors. Each of the song's elements is strained with emotion, adding "weight" to its lyrical theme of letting go of the past. As it intensifies, that brief free jazz gust blows in; it's a perfect moment of dissonance, as though all the strings have snapped from the stress. -- Yours Truly

MP3: Nat Baldwin: "Weights"

People Changes is out May 24th via Western Vinyl

Tags: nat baldwin, audio

Posted by yourstruly on 03/31/2011 at 10 a.m..

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