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Erika M Anderson says:
Not long ago, at the depths of my misery, I was thinking of applying to art school. Before even downloading an application, I realized that I actually knew next to nothing about the history of art-- sound art, in particular. I clicked onto Ubu Web in the hope of remedying this. There were lots of names there, so I downloaded at random while gravitating to the familiar. Got some New Humans, an interview with Meredith Monk, and Chris Burden's 1979 radio show, where he just repeatedly asks for money. The tracks that stuck out most were by a woman I had never heard of before, named Kristin Oppenheim. Gorgeous, hypnotically simple tunes comprised of vocals with a single, hard-panned delay.

Now, panning and delay are used all the time, but the utterly minimalist composition allows you to really feel the effect. To contemplate it. The fact that it's a human voice, instead of some synthetic instrument, really draws you in. Apparently, she often uses her sound pieces as part of installations that include moving lights, mazes, and photographs. I would love to be able to experience one of her shows. You can read a bit about her work online, but nothing about her personal life. The only thing I could find for sure was that she was born in 1959 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Sail On, Sailor.

MP3: Kristin Oppenheim: "Sail On Sailor (1994)"

Hear Kristin Oppenheim's Selected Audio Works 1994-1997 via Ubuweb. EMA's The Grey Ship 7" is out now on Souterrain Transmissions in vinyl and digital formats

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Posted by alteredzones on 03/30/2011 at noon.

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