Kickstart Javelin's Epic Internet Western

Ever wondered what it'd be like to have your favorite band make a psychedelic Western? Javelin fans may be in luck, as the band and director Mike Anderson are working on a psychedelic "epic internet western" set to their upcoming 10" called Canyon Candy from Luaka Bop. Their project was formed from a long friendship and cosmic coincidence (George of Javelin was writing a song about buffalo while Mike was brainstorming about a project involving about buffalo-- you can't make this type of stuff up!), the two entities having worked together on a few videos in the past.

Watching the trailer, you can tell the final product is not going to be a half-baked silly band thing. The movie will be made in front of a green screen featuring Anderson's signature surreal animated backdrops. It will also star Pat Noecker, formerly of Liars and recently disbanded These Are Powers. But to make it all happen they need $9,000 from their Kickstarter. If you donate enough, you could have Javein to play at your party, get a producer's credit, or even be in the film! While we're scrounging up enough money be a part of what Anderson assures us is "going to be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your entire life," watch the teaser. --Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones

Kickstart the project here, then take a listen to one of our favorites from 2010's No Mas:

MP3: Javelin: "Vibrationz"

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Posted by alteredzones on 03/10/2011 at 2:22 p.m..

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