Julia Holter: "Gigi"

When I say that Julia Holter's song "Gigi" sounds like musical theater, I certainly mean it as a compliment. Since Julia's upcoming full length on Leaving Records (tentatively titled Tragedy) is an ode to Greek Tragedy, it seems that she's no stranger to theatricality. "Gigi" is named for the novel by Colette, which was actually adapted into a movie musical. Not surprisingly, Holter's sonic interpretation of the text is much darker and weirder than Lerner and Loewe's, featuring some dubby rhythms and unnerving stage whispers. Holter layers her own voice to create the feeling of an ensemble cast, and ups the drama with loaded pauses and a persistent piano line. This could easily be the standout number from the freaky dub reggae musical of my dreams. If you're reading this Julia, thanks, from one theater kid to another. --Samantha Cornwell, Visitation Rites

MP3: Julia Holter: "Gigi "

“Gigi” is from an unnamed future release from Julia Holter, stay tuned for her full-length on Leaving Records

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Posted by visitationrites on 03/11/2011 at 9 a.m..

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