Leaving Records founder Matthewdavid's International EP is out today on Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label. The four-track EP's title track features a guest spot from past MD collaborator Dogbite as well as video treatment by Miko Revereza, who's been hot on the fucked up VHS vimeo clips as of late [Mane Mane "Skin Fox" (yuk. remx) + Delofi "Med Scene #3/In Search of the Fantastic"]. "International" is yet another of MD's completely warped takes on LA beat music (see "Truss," "Trivial Pursuit," "Desert Moon"), huge bubbles snapping thick and fat above the surface before rejoining with the dense collage of field-recorded muck below. --Ian Nelson, Friendship Bracelet

MP3: matthewdavid: "International (Feat. Dogbite)"

International precedes MD's debut full-length record Outmind, which will see release in mid-April and features collaborations with Dogbite, Flying Lotus and Niki Randa of Blank Blue.

Tags: matthewdavid, dogbite, audio

Posted by friendshipbracelet on 03/08/2011 at 10 a.m..

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